08 Nov

8 Effective Ways for Male Enhancement Naturally

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Firstly, it is important to know about average penis size. Some men have small penis and it only becomes large on erection. On the other hand, some males have a big size penis. According to a study conducted in USA, majority of males had erect size between the ranges of 5-6 inches.

Thus individuals having less than 5 inches penis size are considered as small. You must have seen more than 6 inches of penis size in movies but those individuals are exceptional cases.

Size of penis matters a lot for women

If you are thinking that penis size is not valuable for women, then you are absolutely wrong. According to the anonymous research survey, it has been found that women prefer those men who have larger penis.

In this way, those men can satisfy women in better way. It is true that size of penis matters a lot for women if they want perfect sexual life. You do not need to be panic if the size of your penis is small.

8 effective ways to increase penis size

This article is really helpful for those men who want to increase their penis size. I will share some of the most effective ways for naturally increasing the penis size.

These ways will not only include penis-enhancement exercises but will also highlight the most effective penis enlargement products such as Penomet.

  • Use of Vitamins and Minerals

Your diet plays an important role in growing genital organs in both men and women. It has been found that the consumption of minerals and vitamins is really helpful in enhancing sexual activity. Men require a lot of energy when they undergo penis-enlargement exercises. They must include minerals and vitamins in their routine diet so that they have sufficient energy for sex. The most useful vitamins along with their required quantity are given below

  • Vitamin C = 2000 mg (2-3 times in a day)
  • Vitamin D = 100 IU
  • Zinc = 30 mg
  • Magnesium = 200 mg
  • Vitamin A = 100 mg
  • Thiamine = 50 mg

Minerals which have positive influence on your sexual activity are mentioned below along with their required dosage.

  • Potassium = 25 micrograms
  • Calcium = 525 mg
  • Folic acid = 400 micrograms
  • Vitamin E = 150 mg
  • Vitamin B12 = 200 micrograms

These minerals and vitamins are easily available in form of capsules.

  • Kegels’ Exercises

These exercises are much commonly used for enhancing muscles. Men can also use Kegels’ exercises for enlarging the size of penis. These exercises can build powerful pelvis for muscles, usually termed as sex muscles and PC muscles. Pelvic stored muscles must be healthy in order to have healthy penis as they build long-lasting, bigger and harder erection and also provide better control over blood flow and ejaculation. These exercises also produce more intense and powerful orgasms. Kegels’ exercises help in improving sexual life, sexual strength and results in healthier prostate.

  • Using a Penis Pump

Males can also use penis pump for enlarging their penis size. It is considered to be safe, effective and useful. Penomet is one of the most effective and reasonable penis pump. It is water resistant, cheap and safe to use. More than one thousand customers have provided positive feedback about Penomet.

  • Use Watermelon

You would be surprised to know that watermelon has the ability to boost erections. It also helps in increasing penis size as it contains citrulline (amino acid) that is transformed into L-arginine by kidneys. Men with small penis size must add watermelon in their regular diet so that they can quickly get positive outcomes.

  • The Jelq Method

It is the most useful method for enlarging penis size up to 7 inches in width and 10 inches in length. Males have to start using Jelq method in their early ages for getting optimum results. This method is helpful in increasing blood flow towards corpora cavernosa which will increase the development of shaft cells. Muscle fibers can become larger and stronger by using Jelq exercises. Moreover, the blood flow towards penis will also increase. Users will start observing the minor results after five weeks. They have to wait at least one year in order to get 3 inches increase in penis size.

  • Weight lifting

Weight lifting can also be used for getting big size penis. However, users need to be careful in performing weight lifting exercises. This method has been used since many years in Japan and it has proved to be very useful.

  • Loss your weight

It is true that a heavy-weight person usually has small penis size. If you are obese then first of all you have to reduce your excess weight. Fats around your pelvic region and thighs will obstruct the growth of penis.

  • Diet plan

Foods cannot help you in increasing penis size. However, they can be used in providing adequate energy and improved blood flow. These foods include milk, salmon, liver, tomato, sweet potatoes, carrots, tuna and broccoli. Five foods are considered to be most effective in enlarging your penis size.

  • Ginger: It is the best option for those men who have small penis as this will help in enhancing their penis size. Ginger helps in increasing blood flow and also burns more fats.
  • Dark Chocolate: Your sexual life will be much better if you start using dark chocolate. Flavonol is found in dark chocolate that helps in improving blood circulation.
  • Cayenne Pepper: It also helps in penis-enlargement. Cayenne pepper can boost blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Ginkgo biloba: Add this nutrient in your diet because it can help in increasing blood flow. Bathmate
  • Pumpkin Seeds: These seeds are rich in vitamin E and also help in enlarging penis size by means of improved blood circulation.


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Do not worry about your small penis as there are many ways to increase its size. The above mentioned 8 ways are most effective in providing you a bigger penis size. Apply these ways and enjoy your sexual life.

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